Friday, August 7, 2009

Just Makes Me Laugh...

I feel like there has been a lot of "seriousness" on this blog lately. In fact I was just writing a serious post and decided...ya know...how about something different for a change?? So here is something funny : ) 

I found this picture while looking through some of my team mates pictures a couple of days after returning home and it made me laugh. I promise...this dog really was a sweet dog. This picture just happened to happen at the perfectly perfect timing. I actually never did really interact with the dog...because one I am not a dog person...and two I had many people tell me "don't touch the dogs in africa!!" But I think it was a sweet dog. I love the look on both of their faces too. "J" is completely chill unaware of what is happening...I love it! 
Fun fact: J, the guy in the picture is adopting a little beauty that he met in Africa! We are so excited for him! And it was so awesome to see him meet his daughter...and also heartbreaking to see him have to say goodbye to her...but they will be traveling to take her home for good soon!! Send up a prayer for there sweet sweet family! 


  1. This is such a funny photo! ...the dog almost looks fake, or stuffed! LOL!! Such great news about their adoption, and that "J" was able to meet his daughter when in Africa for your missions trip. PTL! What a beautiful thing to witness, for sure!

    And I wanted to thank you for the VERY nice email you sent for my daughter. I just may have to hook her up and get a blog started for her. I think she'd really enjoy communicating with all of you, and I know your maturity and love for the Lord would be an amazing example to her! And like you said, you all have that connection of having little adopted siblings...how neat is that!! Isn't it wonderful how God has used this blogging community and an avenue to unite like-minded Christians together...to encourage, support, pray for and love on one another!?! What an AWESOME God we serve!

    Have a blessed week, Lexie!! <><


  2. Great pic Lexie! Just to clear things up for you all, I totally knew what the dog was doing, we were playing and then someone wanted to take a pic, so I looked up and smiled. The dog was really quite a nice dog. I did enjoy playing with it even though I was told to leave dogs alone too. I do like dogs though. Thanks for posting and asking for prayer for me and my family, much appreciated!! Still think of you and the team constantly! Blessings,