Monday, September 28, 2009

Like cold water to a thirsty soul...

...so is good news from a far country
proverbs 25:25

i don't know when i will just decide that i need to just let my blog go cause i never write on it...but i do have something to share. 

i have been meaning to give you the blog of the girl we met in africa (who lives at the boys home...whom we built the kitchen for...remember??)

here is the link to her blog click ---->>> here

and watch the latest video on there of the "birthday dance". it makes me so happy seeing those boys dancing around! i miss them soo! the two older guys in there are Abby and Kennie (and I think Tonny might be there)----our beloved "translators/transporters/tour guides/brothers and friends". And the older woman are the ones who cooked all our meals. YUMMY. And of course all of the little ones are the ones we worked with. : ) 

be blessed!