Monday, August 17, 2009

Brown Eyed Beauty

Today I am writing about one of the particular babies from the Sanyu Babies home that forever has a place in my heart. But to keep her identity private I will just refer to her has Brown Eyed Beauty. Because, she did have big. beautiful. brown. eyes. that I will always remember. 

Oh, and I so wish I could share with you her name. Cause it is also...beautiful. Infact, everything about her was beautiful

I had been to the Sanyu home many times...played with many babies. But on about my 6th (?) visit. I found her. And how I missed her before, I don't know. 

She was wearing a beautiful pink sundress.

I found her sitting in a small area where all the babies ranging in age from about 6 months to a year were crawling around. Those cute little babes were crawling all over this poor little girl. But she didn't seem to mind. It didn't even phase her. She seemed to being staring off it to space...

I had 2 or 3 babies in my lap...and a few more babies were blocking the distance between me and Brown Eyes. 

I wanted so bad to get to her. Hold her. She looked so sad. 

But every time I'd take one baby off my lap, three more would crawl on. After about 10 minutes of trying to move some babies out of the way of me and Brown Eyes, I got to her! 

Finally, I was within reaching distance!! Yet fear gripped me as I realized her how frail she looked. It appeared to be as if I picked her up I might break her. 

We stared at each other for a couple of seconds. And I realized I just needed to do it. I didn't have much time to spare before more babies separated us. So I gently picked her up. I felt so shaky as I lifted her. I could feel every. single. rib. She has a tube attached to her arm. I am guessing for medicine. 

Finally I found a bench to sit at and I cradled her like a baby. Her smile could light up a whole ROOM I tell you! I was smitten. And I forever treasure these pictures. I heard that she might be getting a forever family soon (not us. don't start making crazy ideas.) I pray that I can locate that family and tell them just how much I loved there little Brown Eyed Beauty. 

Brown Eyes will always have a place in my heart.
And I am thankful that there are no orphans of GOD! 


  1. She is BEAUTIFUL indeed! I'm so glad you made your way over to her, so you could cradle her in your arms, look into her deep brown eyes, and shower her with love. By the smile on her face, I am certain that she soaked it all in!!

    God bless you, Lexie! I pray that her 'forever family' finds you, too!! <><


  2. She is beautiful!! I am sure her future forever family would be blessed to know how loved she was by you and the beautiful pictures!

  3. Im pretty proud of you lex :) i love you alot and i miss you...and since im fam i feel comfortable saying that you're bad at keeping up with this blogging thing...;) love you! ~ Emily